• Chief Minister Congratulates Prime Minister Johnson

May 20 - Second Museum Lecture to Explore ‘Fortress Gibraltar’

museumThe present Museum lecture series will see a further meeting tomorrow at 7pm at the John Mackintosh Hall. Dr. Darren Fa of the Museum will host the second of a five-part lecture on the history of Gibraltar entitled ‘Part Two – History of a Fortress’.

During the lecture, Dr. Fa will outline the establishment and expansion of ‘Fortress Gibraltar’ that led to the worldwide use of the phrase ‘...as Strong as the Rock’ to signify anything that was considered unassailable.

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May 20 - Government Claims Opposition have Damaged Gibraltar's Best Interest Abroad

parliament The Government recently rejected the Opposition’s ‘distorted version’ of the Chief Minister’s visit to the United States, and the role played by Juan Verde, in last week’s Parliament discussion.

They insist that the point made by the Chief Minister in Parliament related to the GSD’s comments on Juan Verde’s role and not to the substance of the Chief Minister’s visit to the US. The Government added, ‘it was the continuous references to the role of Mr Verde that have been seized by our political opponents outside Gibraltar in order to undermine and damage the political position of Gibraltar as a whole.’

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