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May 17 - Government will expose Opposition inconsistencies and govern Gibraltar at the same time

Government of GibraltarThere are clear inconsistencies between the Opposition’s recent statements and the actions of the GSD when it was in office. The Opposition must understand that the Government will continue to expose such inconsistencies because the current Government is happy, willing and able to criticise its predecessor and to govern Gibraltar at the same time.

The Opposition should also understand that what they did in Government is far from irrelevant to the debate. It is actually crucial that the electorate understands that the GSD is now saying the opposite of what it used to do. The GSD is clearly very uncomfortable when references are made to the recent past, even though in 2011 they themselves were still referring back to the period before they came into office, some 23 years previously.

Indeed, even their latest statement on the issue of answering questions in Parliament and not in the media is itself full of inconsistencies. The Opposition now say that the practice of not issuing statements after Opposition questions have been received by a Government department exists to prevent the Government “from driving a coach and horses through questions lodged by the Opposition.” It would appear that the GSD while riding their coach and horses on the road to Damascus have undergone a conversion of similar or greater proportions.

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May 17 - Local Songstress in Competition Bid

hollieLocal talent, Hollie Buhagiar began performing professionally at age 12, after a rewarding stint playing in a selection of venues in Gibraltar, she won Rock on the Rock’s popular Singer-songwriter competition in 2010. She also received the prize for best lyrics, for her song ‘Carousel’, which sparked great interest from a number of Record Labels. Commenting on her sound Hollie explained to YGTV that her influences are ‘pretty vast. I wouldn’t say I try to copy anyone or write in the same style as anyone, that being said they range from Fleet Foxes, Damien Rice, Kate Voegele and Laura Marling to Patti Smith, Patsy Cline, Camera Obscura and Norah Jones.’

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