• Chief Minister’s Address to Parliament

Jul 31 - Alvarez: “We Will Take The Pressure To Spain”

‘Equality Rights Group is ready to take the pressure to Spain if need be,’ Chairman Felix Alvarez has stated today in a communiqué to the Press.

‘Simply sitting or standing on this side of the fence is no longer a sufficient option and does not take the message to ordinary people in Madrid, London, Seville, Manchester or any other part of Spain or Britain. We will no longer be satisfied with three-minute and all-too-often manipulated sound bites.

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Jul 31 - Mayor Launches Gibraltar National Doll

national dollYesterday morning saw the launch of the Gibraltar National Doll. Creator and designer Christine Mandleberg coined the idea before she embarked on her doll-making journey, eventually becoming a master of the art. The doll itself is modelled on Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino, with inspiration drawn from a photograph of her wearing national costume designed by Dorcas Hammond.

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