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Jul 30 - UKIP Gibraltar Call for ‘Adequate Naval Defences’ for Gibraltar

ukip gibUKIP Gibraltar has deplored the recent spate of intense frontier queues. In a statement to the press the party noted, ‘we condemn in the strongest fashion this ridiculous over reaction to Gibraltar exercising her rights within British Gibraltar Territorial waters to protect and regenerate the local maritime environment. 

To disrupt border crossings to the point that 10,000 cars were forced to queue for a dangerously absurd length of time makes the Spanish governments contempt for the people of Gibraltar blindingly clear to the world. In trying to deflect from the serious economic and social problems arising Spain, including the almost 30% unemployment rate caused largely by austerity measures imposed by the European Union, the Spanish government are bullying they're much smaller and tremendously more prosperous neighbour. This is the politics of envy. 

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