• RGP Officers At Risk Of “Multi-Jurisdictional” Legal Action Over RHIB Chase Deaths

Jul 31 - Barclays Statement on the Bank's Future in Gibraltar

barclaysFollowing a lengthy review and weeks of uncertainty for Barclays Bank Gibraltar, a statement released today claims that the branch intends to ‘maintain a presence on the Rock ‘and to continue [their] 125-year association with Gibraltar. 

The statement continues, ‘however, in addition to ensuring that we are offering appropriate services and products wherever we do business, we also need to ensure that there is a clear business case for operating in any given market.  We believe that in order to continue to serve our customers and clients in Gibraltar, we would need to make a significant investment in our infrastructure, and we do not believe that such an investment would be in the best interests of our wider stakeholders in the context of the broader Barclays strategy.

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