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Jul 29 - Taxi Service Revamp – Transport Inspectors to Monitor Routes

taxi associationThe Gibraltar City Taxi service is set to see a new system implemented as from 12th August. Detailing the new scheme during a press call this morning, attended by Gibraltar Taxi Association representatives and newly recruited Transport Inspectors who will be able to track taxi drivers’ routes and suggest to them, areas that are in need of a taxi service. This new scheme will work through modern and effective meters.

The City Taxi Service currently has 112 cabs and 7 private hire cars, Minister Costa announced that the Association has no plans to increase the fleet, but instead wish to work towards resolving people’s concerns and improving the service available to the community.

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Jul 29 - Sunborn Hits International Media

sunbornWhilst international reports on this weekend’s frontier queues surface around the world, the Sunborn Gibraltar also seems to be making its rounds in worldwide media. Late last week, leading US news channel CNN ran a story similar to a recent feature in the Times, detailing the features of the luxury ‘$200 million Sunborn Yacht Hotel, a permanently moored vessel which could spell the future of architecture in land scarce cities around the world’.

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