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July 02 - GSD Demand Immediate Statement On Sunborn Financial Arrangements

The GSD Opposition has been pressing the Government for well over a month to confirm whether the Government has, directly or indirectly, entered into any financial arrangements in support of the Sunborn Floating Hotel.

The first time the Leader of the Opposition brought the question before Parliament as to whether any loans had been provided, the Chief Minister told him that he would have to check the facts. Two weeks ago Mr Feetham asked the following question in Parliament (505/2013):

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Jul 02 - Friends of Mount Alvernia Committee Chairwoman Retires

friends of mount alvernia In a flurry of nerves, chairperson of the Friends of Mount Alvernia Committee, Mercy Posso this afternoon thanked the staff of the home for their assistance with the charity’s work over the years. She noted that it was a very sad day for her and her husband, Maurice to have to retire from the group. She insisted that they would continue to attend Sunday mass at Mount Alvernia’s Chapel and to visit the staff and residents.

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July 02 - Government: GSD “Ashamed Of The Truth Of GSD Govt Finances”

A statement from the Government on the continuing debate concerning the state of public finances:

- "Useable cash reserve" is only relevant measure

- "Overall cash reserve" includes the monies borrowed by Govt

- Picardo's unimpeachable evidence not even dented by Feetham's misleading response

- GSD candidate already starting to insult the Chief Minister

It is clear from the GSD’s latest press statements that Mr Feetham continues to show that he is unable to understand how the public finances work. He is clearly unable to make a distinction between ‘overall cash reserves’ and ‘usable cash reserves'

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