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50th Miss Gibraltar Crowned

Miss GibraltarAfter a dramatic evening in St Michael’s Cave Jessica Baldachino was finally crowned the 50th Miss Gibraltar, flanked by 1st Princess, Kerrianne Massetti, and 2nd Princess, Christina Ainsworth.

On a night that was supposed to be remembered for its historical significance, charting half a century of Gibraltar Beauty Pageantry, its glitz and its glamour, this 50th Miss Gibraltar Show will sadly be forever remembered as the one with the two-hour blackout.

Shortly after the opening dance sequences St Michael’s Cave suffered a power cut that brought GBC transmission and the pageant itself to a very abrupt halt, prompting huge debates and speculation on local social network pages.

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Crime Report For Apr 11

Gibraltar PoliceRGP Media Report

From the hour of 07:00 on the 11th April, to 07:00 on the 12th April, the following occurred:


2 Person arrested for Possession of a Controlled Drug

1 Person arrested for being in possession of a prohibited article.

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