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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - The After Party

OV Flotilla After PartyThe Flotilla has finished but the party is just getting started down at Ocean Village. With the return of all the boat crews, visitors, families and crew members are now settling down in Ocean Village for some food and drinks in the sun, taking the time to soak in the atmosphere and celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The sea legs seem to have settled quickly as throngs of people fill the bars and restaurants in Ocean Village and enjoy some red, white and blue fun.

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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - The return to OV

OV Flotilla ReturnsThe Flotilla has returned! Two hours after the pageant commenced its tour of the Bay of Gibraltar, Minister for Culture, Stephen Linares, led the vessels triumphantly back into Ocean Village Marina. All boats in the Flotilla were resplendent in red, white and blue, flying flags and bunting in celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

As we write this report further vessels are entering the marina, returning to their berths and to an expectant crowd of visitors and well-wishers who have come down to Ocean Village for the day. Once all boats are berthed and their crews are back on dry land, the celebrations will continue with the Champagne Party here at Ocean Village. It has been a truly magnificent day and a spectacular show of patriotism and allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee.

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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla returns

The Diamond Jubilee Gibraltar Flotilla is now returning to Ocean Village to carry on the celebrations on shore with a drinks party organised by Ros Astengo from Ocean Village. The afternoon is set to be great fun and should carry on for a few hours. if your not down here yet, hurry up, you're missing out!

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