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How to take your small business online?

With a third of the world’s population now on lockdown, it is a difficult time for all businesses. Whilst most of the large companies should be able to ride the wave, it will be a particularly hard time for small businesses that usually generate most of their revenue from physical sales.

Embracing digitalisation and online is now, more than ever, an absolute necessity.

Here are some tips from the team at VISU.AL.

- Register your domain name: It should mirror your trading name so your clients can find you easily. Be sure to have the correct extension, from .com to .eu or .gi depending on your affiliation.

- Create a virtual shop: we recommend using websites such as Shopify, they have a lot of different templates and are very to use. Make sure to have proper GDPR compliant terms and conditions – get inspired by some of your competitors.

- Get high quality images from your suppliers or take some: as your customers will not be able to “see and feel” your products, high quality appealing images can make a big difference.

- Get familiar with SEO: Search engine optimisation, it can be a bit scary, but with the right approach you can make sure to be on the first page. Remember, you are now competing with a lot of other businesses.

- Be social: People have more time to look at their social networks – make the most of it and communicate clearly to them.

- Be patient: It will take some time, right now your customers are as anxious as you are. But we will all get though this period together.

Most importantly, keep the faith and believe in yourself.

If you need further information, the team at VISU.AL Gibraltar is here to help. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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