Editor's Blog Oct 28th 2011

Editor's Blog Oct 28th 2011

With the YGTV News, comes my daily blog, aimed at the world around us through my torched piece of sand. The morning chorus of reversing delivery vans has already started here and the rain doesn’t seem to dampen their ardour to shout their way through the morning. A very definite Mediterranean thing shouting I reckon. Amazing when you think that instead of shouting “Oi” they make a hissing sound, which is much more silent, far less rude and amazingly easy to pick up. It’s the same thing living in blocks of flats; I wonder if the neighbours realise you can hear them going through their rituals morning, noon and night. “Maaam where’s me toast?” “Hijo? In the toaster where else, and go wake your Dad up!” No need love; the shouting got the whole street going.

On the subject of noise; well more vehicle noise last night on GBC the ‘In Town without my Car’ debate was aired. Recorded some days ago in Sacarello’s, it made a real change from the usual stuffy nonsense that passes as debate on GBC like Viewpoint or Talk of the Town. It’s a discussion that needs doing. I cycle when the weather is good, but the rain and a windy Devil’s Tower Road do put me off.

 Having said that; sometimes with all these car parks going up its nice to see some bike schemes happening, like the Gibi bikes. The scheme Joe Holliday MP opened to a media fanfare just last week. He turned up, cut the ribbon got onto a bike left followed a bit later by the bikes being taken away. Mind until they return I could use the bike racks to secure my pushbike, which will be far smarter than this one in Landport Ditch. 

 Speaking of vehicles I just saw one of those mobility scooters go past in the street … the woman rider was wearing a jogging suit and trainers? #WTF

gibi bike racks