Bullying And World Mental Health Day

By Tamsin Suarez

On meeting with constituents and reading social media, I realised bullying plays a too large part in our society. Local independent surveys and information from local charities show that bullying and mental health is one of the biggest factors of unhappiness in the workplace and in schools today. This is something I will tackle in my equality portfolio if elected into government.

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By Erika A Pozo

Transparency and accountability are the golden rules of governance. Together they convey an image of trustworthiness. A traditional cornerstone of democracy is the notion that each political representative and public official, individually or collectively, should be held accountable for their decisions, actions, and as has happened all too often, inactions.

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Vijay Daryanani Reply To Kamlesh Khubchand Blog

By Vijay Daryanani

In his latest blog, Kamlesh Khubchand of Together Gibraltar only confirms the theory that they are not thinking things through.   The assertion by Mr Khubchand that his gross misinterpretation or his lack of understanding of the facts is only a trivial issue tells us all we need to know.  Is Mr Khubchand suggesting that not being informed or, perhaps worse, misinterpreting what facts you do have, is a trivial issue when it comes to the leadership of this community?  Is he saying that lacking judgment, lacking the seriousness required to discharge the responsibilities of high office, is somehow acceptable to him?

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Trust, Transparency And Responsible Government

by Orlando Yeats

There was a time in Gibraltar, during the period in office of the GSD, when it was normal to see information in the press about the estimated cost of official projects or the proposed investment in infrastructure by the Gibraltar Government. Questions were answered in parliament and in general terms the media had access to information and the possibility of printing stories which could be openly critical or unsympathetic of the administration’s management of public affairs. 

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I Think, Therefore I Vote With Hope

By Kamlesh Khubchand

In a recent article in YGTV on the 30th September 2019, it was inferred in no uncertain terms that I was not thinking because I referred to the upcoming election as an “early” election. Rather than focus on the substance of my piece, which is the clear and shameless, electoral exploitation of the fear of Brexit by the GSLP/Libs coalition, Mr. Daryanani chose to focus on a trivial detail. At Together Gibraltar we have been thinking that a corruption-free, transparent and innovative economy is what we need in order to overcome challenges like Brexit. We believe that the people of Gibraltar have been thinking this too. After listening to the debates and hearing the words “safety, stability...” uttered ad nauseam, I’m sure that many among us are finally smiling and nodding in agreement.

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