Experience Matters

By Danny Feetham

At this election experience does matter and the GSD has it in abundance. Both Keith and I worked very closely at No 6 Convent Place with the then Chief Minister Sir Peter Caruana. We know what it is to govern. Five further members of our list have Government or parliamentary experience. We are ready to deal with the challenges posed by Brexit and today I want outline the six core principles that underpin our strategy in our manifesto.

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What About Means Testing?

By Jackie Anderson

There is a frisson of fear rippling through our community. There are simply some words that we don’t like to hear. Like “corruption” and “poverty”. We don’t like to speak those words publicly because if we do, then we have to acknowledge that just possibly these things exist and then we would need to do something about it. There is another word that no-one likes to use. No, not Brexit, although the fear-mongering from the current administration is as impressive as it is irresponsible.

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eGovernment - An All Digital Future

By Daniel Ghio

It’s no secret that citizens do not enjoy having to visit to Government counters to conduct their administrative business. People work during Government business hours and businesses need to prioritise their time to be productive. Unfortunately, having to go to the ETB, tax office, licensing dept is a still an extremely cumbersome chore that can take up valuable amounts of your time.

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Moving Up A Gear With Cycling In Gibraltar

By Paul Balban

I see it every day.  I experience it every time I leave my house, the office, or a meeting.  Cycling is genuinely - and I’m not just saying it because I would be expected to – on the up in Gibraltar. Speaking of going uphill, I’ve recently been getting around, family and all, with an electric cargo bike.  Taking the plunge and cajoling my long-suffering daughter into being a test subject, she has dutifully (even if a little embarrassingly) agreed to be ridden around in the bike.  It has been nothing short of a revelation.  The ease with which you can climb the few hills we come across in our daily lives, even when loaded up with boxes of manifestos, is remarkable, and a clear illustration of why e-bikes generally are taking the world by storm.

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