Marine Strategy Feature: Interview With Alfonso Castillero

By Paul Gonzalez Morgan

Alfonso Castillero is the Chief Operating Officer of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based Manager of the Liberian Registry. The Liberian Registry is the world's second largest registry, comprised of 4,400+ vessels aggregating over 170 million gross tons, representing 12% of the world’s ocean going fleet and, renowned for excellence, safety and innovative service.

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Voter Trends Throughout Election Day

By Adriana Lopez

The 2019 General Election is marked with the largest electorate Gibraltar has ever seen, with a total of 24,189 eligible voters. The early bird voters made their way to the polling stations this morning with a higher turnout recorded in the first hour than the previous election in 2015.

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Vote All Ten GSD Candidates

By Elliott Phillips

Tomorrow you will be asked one important question namely, who will govern Gibraltar for the next 4 years. Mr Picardo has invited you to put your trust and confidence in him. In our view the GSLP have had 8 years to deliver on their promises and the letters you have received in your letterboxes promising everything to everyone is a pathetic and desperate attempt at buying your vote. 

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