Editor's Blog Mar 16th 2012


Right. I am not going to sugar coat anything I am about to write next because you will probably eat that too. FAD DIETS are Dangerous! They are inefficient sure ways of losing a few pounds both in weight and pocket only to find out that the pounds in your pocket don’t come back but the ones around your waist will.

But how to you spot a FAD DIET? Well for starters anything Vanessa Feltz tries to sell you.  Any celebrity who endorses weight loss has probably cheated by having surgery like Liposuction or Gastric Bands and defiantly not by the traditional methods.

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Editor's Blog Mar 15th 2012


It is often the case when I go out on a Friday night to see hordes of very young girls dressed like ladies of negotiable affection, lining the area between Pizza Hut and Market Place getting drunk. My first thoughts being a parent myself is thinking “mate if that was my daughter would I be letting her go out like that?

The short answer is a big fat resounding NO. 

Everything from the media to toys is putting pressure on young girls to dress in little else than what appears to be a large belt a flimsy top and heels so high it would give a scaffolder vertigo. And don’t get me started on the make up. What passes for fashion for young teen girls these days should really be consigned to the dark basement chambers of a Soho pole and arse shaking joint. (Not that I have been to one. Cough, Cough).

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Editor's Blog Mar 14th 2012

In The News Today!

I’ve woken up and I feel like Alice in wonderland, I must have fallen down the rabbit hole at some point during the night. After waking up I pick up my iPad and start reading The Times, like I do every morning. This morning though, it feels surreal.

The first story I come across is Cameron and Obama eating a hot dog at an amateur basketball match in the US. Apparently, David finds it all a little complicated and hard to follow who’s done what, when… I’m guessing Eaton didn’t have a basketball team then?

The second story, Bear Grylls has been fired by the Discovery channel, due to the two parties not being able to agree on some contractual terms. Seriously, the guy jumps out of planes, ends up deserted on an island, eats bugs, gives himself an enema to stay hydrated, all on camera, and you think firing the guy is a good idea… I bet he is camped outside the CEO of Discovery’s house, in the bushes, biding his time, eating the flora and fauna. It’s not looking good…

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Editor's Blog Mar 13th 2012

Look Out For The Future

If you every have the urge to buy recycled toilet paper in a bid to save the planet, please pause and have a think about it before you do. Recycled toilet paper is probably one of the most dangerous propositions on the planet, being right up there with wrestling Nile crocodiles in your underpants.

At home there are many things you can do which can help you save energy, without having to resort to buying dodgy bog roll.  The first and most important thing you can do, is switch off all unnecessary lights, ok, so you have a child who is afraid of the dark, well the child has to grow out of that at some stage, so don’t do it. No night-lights.

Modern households have a whole plethora of electrical gadgets, suckling at the world’s resources 24hrs a day. When the electrical item has done its task switch it off and don’t you dare leave it on standby. While on standby an electrical device will still be slurping up on the teat of your local power grid like a dog licking out a jar of peanut butter.

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Editor's Blog Mar 09th 2012

It’s Friday! TGIF as they say… And it’s a Loooooooong weekend too, does it get any better?

Yesterday’s blog seems to have had a lot of hits; it’s very nice that you so many of you support my ranting and raving. So today, going on from yesterdays, I wanted to mention what happened in Nigeria. An unfortunate set of events that resulted in the UK Government deciding to try and rescue a Briton and an Italian who were being held hostage.

The failed rescue attempt shows us once again that the nature of the beast, Africa that is, is not what we would like to think. It is not a problem with one country, one man or one crazy leader. The continuing problems, be it Somali pirates, hidden terror camps or just complete unbelievable corruption within the governments, make this continent one of the scariest places ever.

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