Editor's Blog Dec 22nd 2011

3 days till Christmas

When did that happen? I can remember New Year’s Eve like it was yesterday and it seems that 2011 has vanished in the mean time. Not impressed!

But what a year it has been, we set up Your Gibraltar TV, and that’s something to be proud of for the year. Taking the time to look back and revisit the past year is often a scary process. You realise some of the things you have done you probably shouldn’t have, some things you wanted to do, you never did and most importantly how did your New Year’s resolutions go. I don’t know how many times I have made up a list of things I would start and things I would stop doing in the New Year.

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Editor's Blog Dec 21st 2011


Birthdays are something you really look forward to when young, the excitement of all those presents waiting for you, at times would be unbearable to the point where you would drive your parents up the wall just to get them early. As we get older birthdays lose their lustre, as we now look forward to things like the big 30 or the big 40.

Getting older for some is a big issue, its almost as we would like to stop the passage of time. After the big day I tend to look at my reflection in the mirror and take a really good look at my face, trying to see if there are any physical changes and on most occasions there is no discernable difference. (I once woke up with a black eye) I shrug my shoulders and get on with the new day. But the passage of time can sometimes remind us that we are no longer 20, stiff joints, not being able to read small print and my firm favourite hair growth in places where you thought hair could not grow.

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Editor's Blog Dec 20th 2011

Have You Been Good This Year?

Christmas Spirit is upon us all and as people run around town frantically looking for their Christmas shopping you can see a smug look on the people that know they were on top of there Christmas shopping and have it all wrapped up at home ready to go.

Children are buzzing as they think of Santa coming to their houses and to be honest, what a way to make sure they all behave… I over heard someone telling their kid that if “she wasn’t well behaved at this late stage then Santa would give her presents to the poor children in Africa”. Priceless…

Speaking of presents, it’s a hard and stressful time for people to know what to buy and what not to buy for people. There is always this risk of over stepping boundaries or shameful disappointment when someone opens their present.

So what to buy and what not to buy? No idea… I have been useless at this for the last few years and have got it wrong so many times. So now I go with the terribly disappointing and no thought gift of Cash for everyone that I need to. My theory, they can buy what they want and I don’t have to run around shops…

Retailers probably feel different about it, but hey, it all comes back in to the economy at the end of the day anyway…

Well 5 days to Christmas now, so enjoy yourselves and remember to be good else Santa cross you off his list…


Editor's Blog Dec 19th 2011

The wandering traveller returns.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the infamous Leo Hayes has now returned from his 3 months travels. Thailand, Vietnam and Laos have had the shock of a lifetime by allowing Leo to travel around them.  He’s taken thousands of photos; pages and pages of notes and wow does he have some great stories to go with it all.

Leo is now gathering his thoughts from this trip and we are happy to announce that he will be getting involved with YGTV. For anyone who knows Leo, his true skills lie in his creativity and slight madness that goes with it.

As a photographer first and foremost, he is now putting his time and skills towards film and we can expect some wonderful things from him in the coming months.

In the mean time back to YGTV, we had our first exclusive interview with the Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo. If you haven’t checked it out yet then we recommend you do, follow this link.

We will also be releasing our new Gourmet Host programme with the first in the series being the Yellow House. Keep an eye out for it…


Editor's Blog Dec 16th 2011

What a Morning!

This morning on my way into the office nice and early, expecting “another day in the life of” style day I stopped off for coffee. After about 10 minutes I could hear an annoying alarm sound, and as always, looking for “the scoop” on a breaking news story I popped outside to see what it was. To my surprise I found the restaurant next door to my usual coffee spot alight with a fire on the bar top.

After calling the City Fire Service, myself and 2 other local bystanders decided to try to do something about it and managed to force our way in to the premises and put out the fire.

The Fire Service arrived and checked the premises and our botch job attempt to put out the fire, using a large floor carpet and a small fire extinguisher. I don’t think they were massively impressed with our efforts, but the important part was that the place didn’t burn down all together.

The restaurant’s staff and owners have been airing the place out and cleaning up after the accident, the cause of which is still unknown. The restaurant employees, owners along with volunteers have been cleaning all together and the place will be open again in time for lunch.

Thank God for the bystanders, who didn’t think twice, decided to act and have the moral conscience to help out in a situation like this. To quote someone on our facebook page: “And that speaks volumes for Gib, in the UK they wldve brought out the marshmallows and stood bk and watched.” Seb Wornall.

It’s a real point to be made and it is true. Our community spirit is still alive and kicking, despite party politics and ethnic groups. In a time of need, Gibraltar has an amazing community and really pulls through when it counts.