League Of Hospital Friends Makes £20,000 Donation To The GHA

The League of Hospital Friends charity has made a £20,000 donation to the GHA to help in what it calls “an extraordinary hour of need.”

A statement continued:

“As the whole of Gibraltar is aware, the unprecedented challenges associated with the Covid-19 outbreak is impacting on us all.  But the effects of the virus are felt most acutely by all of our outstanding GHA professionals, who are literally serving on the ‘medical front line’.  Everyone at the GHA, in a multitude of roles, routinely and selflessly dedicate themselves to assist those in medical need within our Gibraltar community.  But in these most unprecedented of times, they do even more amazing things for all of us during this unexpected crisis.

“The League of Hospital Friends Charity has for many years supported the GHA, and will continue to do so.  However, in light of the exceptional Covid-19 circumstances currently faced by the GHA, the Charity’s Committee has decided to make an immediate additional donation of £20,000 to our medical authority.  The Committee completely and implicitly trust the GHA’s judgement in deciding how best this money should be spent in these most trying of times.

“The League of Hospital Friends looks forward to supporting the GHA on an enduring basis for many decades to come.  At this specific and exacting time, the Charity hopes that the £20,000 donation will help in some small way in this most extraordinary hour of need.  We would like to publicly thank everyone at the GHA for the outstanding duties they continue to perform for our benefit in the face of the Covid-19 assault.”