Diabetes Gibraltar To Donate £3000 To The GHA COVID-19 Fund

Diabetes Gibraltar has announced they will be donating £3000.00 to the GHA Covid-19 fund.

A statement from Diabetes Gibraltar follows below:

We are sure the whole diabetes community in Gibraltar will join us in wishing to thank everyone working to slow the spread of the Corona Virus.  For rising to this huge challenge and bringing the whole community together in an unprecedented effort to overcome this crisis and claim back our lives, our health and our freedoms. We have no doubt that we WILL achieve this!

We thank all the front line staff in the GHA, all the other essential services, all the workers in so many fields keeping our supermarkets, chemists, care facilities and basic services  going. Not forgetting the ordinary citizens: volunteering, isolating and sacrificing for a greater good, so that lives may be saved. Truly, this collective labour of love will be remembered for generations to come.

Gibraltar’s diabetes community stand proudly with you all.