Telephone Scam Warning

The Royal Gibraltar Police are warning the public of a telephone scam that appears to be circulating within Gibraltar today. 

A statement follows below:

The RGP have received a number of reports of persons receiving calls from what appear to be locally registered +350 numbers, whereby the caller purports to be a representative of either GibTelecom or Gib Fibrespeed.

Fraudsters are then claiming that they have identified an issue with the internet connection and therefore require access to their computer and log in credentials to resolve it. 

The RGP are advising the public not to grant any access to their computers to any third-party and not to call back the telephone number to mitigate the risk of having their personal data stolen. If in doubt, members of the public are advised to contact GibTelecom, Gib Fibrespeed or any other service provider directly to authenticate any calls first.