UK National Arrested after Incident at the Convent

At around 14:00 today, police received a report that a UK national had climbed onto the roof of The Convent and was protesting on behalf of homeless people.

Police officers were deployed to the area where they cordoned off the street to both vehicles and pedestrians. Traffic diversions were also put in place.

The RGP were supported by the Gibraltar Defence Police, GHA Ambulance Service and by Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Services who arranged for a hydraulic crane to be brought to the scene.

Officers climbed on to the roof where they attempted to talk the man down.

Just after 15:00, the 42 year old male made his own way down from the roof and was then arrested on suspicion of:

1. Obstructing Police

2. Making Disturbances

3. Breaching the Civil Contingencies Emergency Coronavirus Regulations