Three Men Arrested After Kayak Crossing

Three men have been arrested for immigration offences after entering  British Gibraltar Territorial Waters in a kayak last night. 

A statement from the RGP follows below:

At about 2030hrs the RGP received a report that three suspected illegal immigrants  were in an inflatable kayak. 

As a result the RGP’s Marine Section was dispatched to the area and found the men  2.5 nautical miles south of Europa Point. 

None of the men had valid travel documentation on them. 

The three men of Moroccan origin, aged 23, 29 and 39, were then arrested on  suspicion of being Non-Gibraltarian found in Gibraltar without a valid permit or  certificate. 

None of the men required hospital attention. 

They were transported to New Mole House Police Station where they are currently  waiting to be interviewed.