Gibraltar Crime Report for 17th - 19th May 2013


Media – Police Reports

Date: From 0700hrs the 17/05/2013 to 0700hrs the 20/05/2013


4 Report of Theft

1 Report of Assault

2 Report of Criminal damage

2 Report of Common assault

1 Report of Intentional harassment, alarm or distress

2 Warrant for Failing to Appear in Court was executed

4 Warrants for Non Payment of Fines were executed


1 Person arrested for being Intoxicated in a public place

2 Persons arrested for Warrants

1 Person arrested for Obstructing police

1 Person arrested for Common assault

1 Person arrested for Intentional harassment, alarm or distress

3 Persons Arrested for Handling Stolen Goods

1 Person Arrested for Theft

1 Person Arrested for possession of a Controlled Drug

1 Person Arrested for Assault

1 Person Arrested for Criminal Damage


3 Traffic accidents.