Mar 22 - Storms Return Catalan Bay Sand Back to Normal

catalan bayAccording to Government reports, the results of the analyses undertaken on the dust problem at Catalan Bay confirm that the issue originates from the use of dredged sand following the beach replenishment work undertaken by the previous administration.

Samples of sand have been taken at different depths in various locations throughout the winter period and these indicate a very significant reduction in the amounts of fine particles, which is the portion that becomes airborne and caused the dust clouds experienced last year.

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Mar 22 - Former Fugitive to Serve 13 years for Gibraltar Murder

rgpFollowing a request from the Gibraltar authorities the Spanish Audiencia Nacional in Madrid have clarified the sentence imposed on Joaquin Mari Recio for the Murder of Manuel Nelson in Gibraltar in 1987.

Sr. Recio is currently serving sentence in Spain for another matter with a release date set for 3rd March 2016. He will start serving sentence for the murder of Manuel Nelson on the 4th March 2016 ending on the 12th August 2029.

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Mar 22 - Convent Tea Party Raises Funds for Ovarian Cancer Research

the eve appealTomorrow, between 10.30a.m. and 12.30p.m there will be a tea party at the Convent Cloister in order to raise money for The Eve Appeal's Make Time for Tea campaign, in aid of research into Ovarian Cancer.

The Eve Appeal is a registered UK charity, formed in 2005 by Peter Vagn-Jensen and Professor Ian Jacobs, two men each affected by ovarian cancer in different ways.

Peter Vagn-Jensen, former owner of Marina Bay, had known his future wife, Lone, for only one year when she was diagnosed. The couple decided to tackle the disease head-on and set up a fundraising charity (now known as The Eve Appeal) in 1996.   Unfortunately, Lone lost her battle with ovarian cancer eight years later, as even the best surgeons and treatments were unable to save her life.

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Mar 22 - Local Charged for Possession of Cannabis and Amphetamine

courtsFollowing an investigation into the supply of controlled drugs officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police Drug Squad have arrested and charged local 28-year-old man,  John Paul Pereira of 27 Gavino’s Dwelling , in relation to various drugs offences.

Mr. Pereira was arrested on suspicion of possession of Cannabis Resin and possession with intent to supply of Cannabis Resin. A search warrant was also executed and a residence searched.

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Mar 22 - Workshops Set to Reach out to Local Business Community

costaIn an effort to reach out to the local business community, Minister for Small Businesses Neil Costa and the Business Support Group have set up a series of seminars and debates. The first seminar, held this afternoon, gave participants an introduction of the Indication of Prices and Invoicing Rules.

The next meeting will cover the issue of Internet shopping and how it has affected main street traders. Minister Costa is keen to lay out an entire calendar of events for the small business community and hopes to pull the GFSB and Chamber of Commerce on Board.

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Mar 22 - HMS Dragon’s Maiden Deployment Begins with a Trip to Gibraltar

hms dragonAs part of the HMS Dragon’s long-term commitment in the Middle East, the vessel will make a quick stop at the Gibraltar Naval Base on Monday, in order to stock up on supplies, as well as to conduct a maritime security patrol.

As the fourth of the Navy’s six Type 45 destroyers she was commissioned into the Navy’s fleet in April last year.  Since then the highly capable multi-role ship and her190 strong crew have undergone intensive sea trials and training off the UK coast.  

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Mar 22 - 28,000 Cigarettes Seized in Anti Smuggling Operation

customsIn a joint operation between the Gibraltar Defence Police and Customs, 28,600 cigarettes were seized, along with a locally registered vehicle, on Wednesday night.

The incident saw Customs Officials detect two men abandoning a car at the northern end of Eastern Beach. The men then proceeded to run towards the frontier fence carrying boxes and holdalls, once officers gave chase, the men dropped their belongings and fled the scene.

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Mar 22 - Gib Anglers to Research Ecology of Gibraltar Waters

text newsAs part of a programme to stimulate research and information- gathering on the ecology of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, a new fish-tagging scheme has been introduced by the Department of the Environment in collaboration with the Gibraltar Federation of Sea Anglers with the support of the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society.

There is little scientific information on the life cycles and biology of our fish, although many of Gibraltar's anglers know a great deal about them through experience. The new programme initially focuses on tagging White Seabream (Diplodus sargus) and is designed to assist in answering questions relating to the biology and behaviour of current fish stocks in Gibraltar waters. It will investigate growth rates, dispersal and population dynamics of the species. The scheme will hope to collate as much information as possible on resident fish species such as the White Seabream.

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