Apr 23 - Mayor Hosts Lunch for EAASP Committee

lunchFollowing the opening of the 40th annual European Association of Airport and Seaport Police’s conference, at the Caleta Palace this morning, His Worship the Mayor hosted a lunch at the City Hall for the delegates. The conference incudes a gala dinner to be hosted by the Government on Thursday, at St. Michael’s Cave.

The conference has been held in Gibraltar previously, but this year saw the highest number of attending delegates.

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Apr 23 GSD Concerned at GRA Verdict of GBC Decision

GSD GibraltarThe Gibraltar Social Democrats are concerned about the possible ramifications of the decision recently issued by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), dated 18th April, 2013. The decision is contained in what is described as a “Closure Statement”.  It follows an investigation carried out by the Regulatory Authority at the request of the Liberal Party regarding its non-inclusion in GBC’s Viewpoint programme shown on 14th March, 2013.

“This is a terrible decision for democracy”, said Isobel Ellul-Hammond, GSD Spokesman,  “it cannot be right that the effect of all of this is to, in fact, give the parties in the Government greater prominence in any future debate.  That on a debate of political importance, such as the one which was the subject of the Viewpoint programme in question (i.e. Parliamentary Reform) the GSD representative should have to debate with, in effect, two Government representatives is nonsensical.”

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Apr 23 - GSD Raises Questions on Private Company with No 6 Convent Place Address

gsdThe GSD has expressed concern over private limited company ‘Construction and Maintenance Company Limited’ which is registered at the Chief Minister’s Office at Number 6 Convent Place. The GSD adds that the sole director is not a civil servant, but is in fact a well-known and vocal GSLP activist. They insist that at least one registered shareholder appears to be a public servant.

The director of the company has apparently stated in social media that the company is one of 20 similar companies that are employing Future Job Strategy trainees. This was also highlighted in the The New People.

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Apr 23 - 50,000 Cigarettes Seized in Customs Operation

customsLast week, Customs Officers disrupted a cigarette exportation operation that involved eight men. The men were intercepted at the northern end of eastern beach road whilst in the process of running towards the frontier fence carrying master cases of cigarettes.

When challenged by Customs Officers, the men discarded the cases and fled into the sea. The Gibraltar Defence Police attended in support of the HMC operation with a presence at the east end of the airfield.

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Apr 23 - Increase in Gibraltar Ship to Ship Transfers Following Introduction of Restrictions

ship to ship Following the passing of a regulation last year, restricting ship-to-ship operations to port territorial waters, Minister Neil Costa today insisted that there has been no drop in transfers. He insisted that there had actually been an increase in transfers this year, with 9 being carried out last month.

Introducing the safe code of practice for ship-to-ship transfers, Captain of the Port Roy Stanbrook explained that he hopes the Port of Gibraltar’s regulation of ship-to-ship transfers will become an exemplar for all other port. The Captain noted that Gibraltar acts as an attractive destination for ship to ship transfers with it strong regulatory framework.

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Apr 22 - 'Gibraltar Has been Fully Supported by its Governor and his Staunch Position in Gibraltar Defence' - Claims Government

govtCommenting on the address made by Dr. Chris Tydeman, the Chairman of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, in his evidence before the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, last week, the Government has claimed that the information given by Dr. Tydeman reflects information available to him as a result of the work he has done for the Government of Gibraltar.  They insist that no issue has been taken with the scientific information given by Dr. Tydeman during his address.

The Government does note that the opinion of Dr. Tydeman as to the role of His Excellency the Governor, and the manner in which he has acted in relation to the issue of illegal incursions into Gibraltar Territorial Waters, with regards to the fishing dispute, is incorrect.

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