Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - The return to OV

OV Flotilla ReturnsThe Flotilla has returned! Two hours after the pageant commenced its tour of the Bay of Gibraltar, Minister for Culture, Stephen Linares, led the vessels triumphantly back into Ocean Village Marina. All boats in the Flotilla were resplendent in red, white and blue, flying flags and bunting in celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

As we write this report further vessels are entering the marina, returning to their berths and to an expectant crowd of visitors and well-wishers who have come down to Ocean Village for the day. Once all boats are berthed and their crews are back on dry land, the celebrations will continue with the Champagne Party here at Ocean Village. It has been a truly magnificent day and a spectacular show of patriotism and allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee.

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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla returns

The Diamond Jubilee Gibraltar Flotilla is now returning to Ocean Village to carry on the celebrations on shore with a drinks party organised by Ros Astengo from Ocean Village. The afternoon is set to be great fun and should carry on for a few hours. if your not down here yet, hurry up, you're missing out!

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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - Eastern Side of the voyage

OV Flotilla - Minister Linares' HornLatest reports from the Flotilla are that they have now reached the East Side of the Rock and there has been a massive turnout on land to show support and enjoy the spectacle. Our reporters at the scene have been amazed by the numbers of people enjoying views of the Flotilla from Europa Point as it cruises past. The pageant is currently turning around at Eastern Beach and preparing to return to port at Ocean Village Marina. If you haven’t already had a chance to see the Flotilla sail past there is still time to find a vantage point somewhere on the Rock in order to catch a glimpse of this fantastic Jubilee Celebration.

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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - OV Celebrations

OV Celebrations not all out at seaThe YGTV team at Ocean Village are pleased to report that preparations for the Celebratory Champagne Party are well underway. All those involved in the Jubilee Flotilla are cordially invited to carry on the Jubilee celebrations in style at Ocean Village with a private Champagne Party to toast Her Majesty’s good health and the Flotilla’s safe return to port.

Decorations are being put in place at the end of The Island in Ocean Village, opposite Savannah, to welcome back the Flotilla crews. In the meantime, visitors continue to stream past covered in Red, White and Blue, reminding us all why we are actually here; to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Head down to Ocean Village and soak up the action.

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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - Photo Update 3

Ocean Village Diamond Jubilee Flotilla is well underway. the 115 vessels have now made it round the southern tip and gone past Europa Point on to Sandy Bay and Catalan Bay where they are set to turn around and come back to Ocean Village. The event has been extrememely well supported by locals with people coming to watch the event from all available look outs.

OV Flotilla Photo Updates

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