Feb 18 - Cigarette Seizures

customsTwo Spanish nationals aged both 39 & 28, were arrested for the possession of 121,000 cigarettes on Sunday afternoon.

Both La Linea residents were seen acting suspiciously at the entrance to New Harbours Industrial Estate. A search of their vehicles resulted in the detection of 121,000 cigarettes. Investigation into the matter continues; meanwhile, the men have been bailed to surrender on March 14th. Both vehicles and cigarettes were seized by Customs.

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Feb 18 - PDP Condemns Spain’s Decision to Disregard Tax exchange Agreements Signed with Gibraltar

pdpThe PDP today notes with regret, but no surprise, that Spain has ‘taken its anti Gibraltar campaign in a new direction by directing, according to the Spanish press, its ambassadors to inform government officials around the world that Spain will not recognise any Tax Exchange Information Agreements signed with Gibraltar unless the UK is represented’.

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Feb 18 - GSD Shadow Cabinet Re-Shuffle Announced in Parliament

gsdDuring Friday afternoon’s meeting of Parliament, Speaker Adolfo Canepa congratulated Daniel Feetham on his selection as leader of the GSD and Opposition. He added that himself and the clerk would always be at Mr. Feetham’s disposal to help him in exercising his functions as leader of the opposition.

Mr. Feetham thanked members of GSD and members of GSLP/libs for their support, claiming that it is an essential part of the democratic process for there to be a strong Opposition, as well as a strong Government.

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Feb 18 - Monkey Initiative Launched in Attempt to Drive Macaques Back up the Rock

apesFollowing recent complaints by locals, regarding the increasing number of Barbary Macaques within Estates and urbanised areas, the Department of the Environment, along with the RGP, Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic and GONHS has launched a new initiative aimed at focusing awareness on the consequences of feeding the monkeys.

The ‘Get our monkeys back to nature’ initiative hopes to encourage the public to cooperate in a concerted drive to draw monkeys back into living on wild food. The scheme will see leaflets distributed, warning individuals on how to act around the animals and why they are urged not to feed them.

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Feb 18 - Government Inter Ministerial Committee Discusses Manifesto Commitments

govtA number of specific manifesto commitments were reviewed and discussed by an inter-ministerial committee that met last Thursday. The Government insists that 174 commitments have so far been completed or are on-going.

The committee is chaired by Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Garcia and included Environment Minister Dr. Cortes, Tourism Minister Neil Costa, Culture Minister Steven Linares and Traffic Minister Paul Balban.

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