May 06 - GSD Urges Picardo to ‘Walk the Walk’

gsdThe GSD has today insisted that the Chief Minister has made no effort in contacting the Leader of the Opposition with regards to Gibraltar’s position in the EU. A motion was passed in Parliament earlier this year, claiming that Mr. Picardo would meet with Mr. Feetham to confidentially brief him on the matter, which could shift, due to the UK’s proposed referendum on EU membership.

A GSD statement continues, ‘given the fact that it is possible for the UK to advance its plans on a referendum on its membership of the EU, it is important that Gibraltar is prepared to face the challenges that this may pose.  It is obvious, from the Government’s own statements, that it has been having conversations with the UK Government going back over a year.  Whilst the Government might be confident it is doing all it needs to do, the Opposition cannot, at this stage, share that optimism and calls on the Government to make good on the EU Motion unanimously passed by our Parliament and public statements made by the Chief Minister about briefing the Opposition on Privy Council terms.’

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May 03 - GSD Questions Floating Hostel Departure

gsdThe Opposition has today asked the Government to explain what alternative arrangements have been made in respect of the housing of Gibraltar’s Moroccan workers now that the Government has abandoned its ill-conceived idea of the Floating Hostel.

It has been a year since the Government arranged for the Floating Hostel to come to Gibraltar to provide temporary accommodation for the Moroccan workers, who had to vacate Buena Vista in June of last year as per the previous Government’s and BV Homes agreement.  The GSD Government had plans to build a hostel at the end of North Mole which the present Government abandoned.  By now, those plans to build a hostel would have been completed or well on their way to completion.  Whilst we accept that the Government was perfectly entitled to pursue its own plans, the decision not to pursue the Floating Hostel idea at this very late stage has added to the delay in finding an alternative.  The bottom line is that it appears that the Government did not think through whether the Floating Hostel was an appropriate solution, despite many concerns raised last year about the appropriateness of this vessel.

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May 03 - Regiment Captain Returns from Afghanistan Deployment

captain cummingCaptain Timothy Cumming recently returned from a six-month operational deployment to Afghanistan.

His role in Helmand Province was as an Operations Officer within the UK Task Force at the forefront of combat operations. He led a 60 strong Task Force, which provided 24 hour capability to Coalition Forces at both the tactical and strategic level for ongoing missions throughout the region.

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May 03 - New Bandmaster for the Gibraltar Regiment

regiment bandmaster WO1 (BM) Craig Philbin officially passed the Baton to incoming Regimental Bandmaster WO1 (BM) Oliver Jeans as he prepares to leave the Army following a career spanning 25 years.

WO1 Jeans was previously the Bandmaster of The Band of The Parachute Regiment serving in Colchester. He recently moved to Gibraltar with his wife Julie and their two children Louisa (7) and Harrison (5). His first impression of Gibraltar is an impressive sense of history that he finds fascinating. He said: “I’m really looking forward to learning the traditions and customs so that I can choose sympathetic music to suit and adopt the ethos of the Regiment.”

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May 03 - Significant Progress for the Gibraltar International Literary Festival

literary festival Arrangements are progressing apace for the Gibraltar International Literary Festival, sponsored by Gibunco, which promises to be one of the cultural highlights of the year. The Festival will take place from 25th to 27th October 2013.

The event will bring together around eighty world-class speakers who will take part in talks, discussions and debates on a variety of topics ranging from children’s books to crime writing, history and cuisine.

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May 03 - Agnes Holmes Wins GHA Staff Awards’ Employee of the Year

ghaYesterday’s GHA Employee of Year Awards boasted a huge turnout, with 150 GHA staff members gathering at the John Mackintosh Hall to celebrate the long and loyal service of staff who have worked for the GHA for more than 25 years and a range of individual and team acts of outstanding performance in 2012 in the 8 individual award categories.

Awards were presented by Minister for Health, Dr. John Cortes and Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino. A total of 10 staff received awards for 25 years GHA service, 15 for 30 years’ service and 8 staff received awards for 35 years service.

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