Feb 18 - Vinetrust Cake Sale Success

vinetrustVine Trust Gibraltar held an extremely successful cake sale on Saturday that saw the charity raise over £250. The team has thanked all volunteers who provided them with cookies, cakes and shortbread to sell, as well as all customers.

The cakes were provided by members of the work party going out to Tanzania in October, the congregation of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and other supporters. Several people gave just monetary donations as they have 'given up cakes for Lent'.

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Feb 15 - Middle Schools Educated on Gibraltar Rubbish

middle schoolStudents of both St. Anne’s and Bishop Fitzgerald middle schools recently visited the rubbish separation plant in Los Barrios. The children followed the route that our rubbish travels on a daily basis and were made aware of the importance of recycling. They also discovered that each resident of Gibraltar throws, on average, a shocking 1 tonne of rubbish every year.

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Feb 15 - Spain Insistent on Excluding Gibraltar from EU Aviation Rules

airportEuropa Sur reports that Spain has insisted to the UK government, that they will be ignoring the Cordoba Agreement and intent to push forward with their plan to get Gibraltar excluded from the current EU Aviation rules.

Europe Minister David Lidington insisted last month that the UK Government would do everything in their power to protect the interests of Gibraltar. The Spanish Government reminded the UK that the Cordoba Agreement expired in 2006.

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Feb 15 - Governor Awards Merchant Navy Medals to Gibraltarians

merchant navy medalsYesterday morning, His Excellency the Governor, Sir Adrian Johns awarded five Gibraltarians the prestigious Merchant Navy Medal. The Award provides an opportunity for the industry to recognise meritorious service by British Merchant Seafarers, who have made a worthwhile contribution to merchant shipping, its operations, development, personnel, welfare or safety, or who have performed an act of courage.

The ceremony has never been carried out in Gibraltar before. Captain J.J Ferro, former Captain of the Port was awarded the medal for services to the Port Welfare Committee and Mission to Seafarers, Gibraltar. Engineer of the slop barge 1707, E. Lara, which provided service during the 2011 port explosion, was awarded the medal for brave conduct in maneuvering the barge during the fire. Captain D Pincho received the medal for the same reason; as did deckhands T. Penalver and W. Penalver.

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Feb 15 Harlem Shake Internet Craze Hits Gibraltar

Harlem Shake GibraltarThe latest craze hitting YouTube is the Harlem Shake videos. They have sparked much interest in international media and hundreds of versions have been created.

The “original” video “Harlem Shake (original army edition)” has nearly 5.5 million views on YouTube, sparking a craze that has been copied by numerous military organisations and even top colleges and well known companies around the world.

Students of a local school have produced their own version in the school Art department, which, to Gibraltar standards, has gone viral and sparked much conversation on social media.

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