COVID-19 Information Update - Tuesday 26th May - Seven Active Cases

26th May 2020 

Total tests done: 6621 

Test results pending: 268 

Test results received: 6353 

Confirmed cases: 154 

Active cases: 7 (3: Gib-residents / 4: cross-frontier workers) 

Recovered cases: 147 

Number in self-isolation: 36 

A total of 2937 tests have been carried out so far in the frontline, targeted and systematic sampling. This is included in the above figures. 

Jake Torres Releases Corona Travel Book

Jake Torres, an 8 year old pupil from St Joseph’s Middle School has written an illustrated book on coronavirus. 

Jake will be raising funds for charities such as Action4schools, Rifcom and Helpmelearnafrica. Books are being sold at £5. Those wishing to buy a book/make a donation should contact Tyrene Federico Torres on Facebook or message This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp 0035057631000.

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