Together Gibraltar Sets Out Education And Employment Plans

By Adriana Lopez

Together Gibraltar held a press conference to explain their policies on education and employment. The presentation was led by three candidates:  Erika Pozo, Jackie Anderson and Kamlesh Khubchand.


On employment, Ms Pozo argued that there is a “reality of underemployment” which she claimed was a product of “short-term contracts, low income and exploitative working conditions.” She said that zero-hour and supply contracts were being used to “skew employment figures.”

Together Gibraltar pledged to create a “fairer and more successful” job market. They also promised to put an end to in-work poverty and underemployment. Ms Pozo said: “We will align our future job strategy with our economic plan, so everyone can have a share of the wealth that is generated.”

The plan involves an Equal Pay Standard to tackle to Gender Pay Gap and ensure better employment options for non-academic students. As well as introducing a Corporate Social Responsibility certificate of excellence for the youth and provide job shadowing opportunities. An emphasis was also put on training locals and not relying on bringing certain talents from abroad.


Jackie Anderson, who holds the portfolio for education and housing, outlined that Together Gibraltar believes policies should be linked and that one key area could not be “seen in isolation from the other.” She added: “A good education system will support job creation and stability and skills development in our workforce which is vital for our economy.”

The Together Gibraltar candidate said: “There is a real need to support families with good quality child care, out of school hours and improved nursery care and improved early years education.” She argued that education was “a fundamental part of our lives” which provides freedom and equality.

They also pledged to work with local entities to provide those with special needs the correct “framework of educational support for each child” whilst applying the appropriate training and professional career opportunities. Together Gibraltar also said that they would introduce a new path for non-academic students at earlier stages.

The party concluded that they would work with the private sector to develop a larger number and variety of apprenticeships. They also highlighted they would establish a professional ‘out of school’ childcare system for working families, including breakfast and play clubs.