Together Gibraltar Publishes Business Booklet

By Adriana Lopez

At a press conference held earlier today, Together Gibraltar spoke about their ideas for the business sector. The meeting was headed by Kamlesh Khubchand - he was joined by Craig Sacarello, Sian Jones and Jackie Anderson.

In reference to the Business Booklet that Together Gibraltar has published, Mr Khubchand argued that the party had taken into account what the Chamber of Commerce and the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB) had been “crying out for for years.”

“Overarching the economic strategy is creating value, rather than extracting value,” he added. Together Gibraltar promised to fully implement e-Government and use government resources to expand the Government’s IT section and “giving them the tools to make sure this gets done without any outside intervention or private companies involved.”

The party also pledged to create a one-stop shop for businesses. Mr Khubchand also said that, if elected, Together Gibraltar would review and “probably replace” the business licensing authority as he believes it is something that does not work.

Mr Khubchand reiterated that it is their policy that any tender over £10,000 would be subject to a public report. He also explained that measures would be implemented to “alleviate high costs to businesses”, in particular helping new ventures to come into Gibraltar to employ local people.

Together Gibraltar candidate Craig Sacarello outlined the meaning of ‘Green Economy’ as: “an economy aimed at reducing environmental risks that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment.” He reiterated that the party would push for a greener economy with lower carbon emissions and social inclusion.

One way of achieving this, according to Together Gibraltar, is to incentivise businesses to meet climate changed related targets through grants or tax breaks. On another note, Mr Khubchand announced the introduction to a ‘small business loan system’ to help with employment and training.

In relation to Brexit, Together Gibraltar candidate Sian Jones claimed that the party had been hard at work creating relationships with people in Whitehall, Westminster and Brussels. When asked by the YGTV, she declined to name who the party had been speaking to but assured the press that Together Gibraltar was prepared to take over “from the incumbent government, hopefully soon to be outgoing government on the 18th of October”.

The Together Gibraltar business booklet can be downloaded from their site on: