Ex-Commissioner’s Resignation Has Left More Questions Than Answers Says Together Gibraltar

Together Gibraltar have said the management of the RGP should "not be a political affair". They have also highlighted that Monday's parliamentary exchange has left "more questions than answers".

A statement from Together Gibraltar follows below:

In fact, in order for this fundamental organisation to do its job and adequately serve the people of Gibraltar, it should be kept as far as possible from political interference and public pressure. Unfortunately, we have seen this basic principle eroded in the saga involving the seemingly forced resignation of the ex-commissioner Ian McGrail. 

Together Gibraltar has been closely watching developments, trying to steer clear from unnecessary controversy, and hoping that any questions would be addressed in Parliament and via the proper channels.

The party also believed that, following his unorthodox retirement, the ex-commissioner was entitled to personal space and respect amidst so much speculation.

Unfortunately, TG leader Marlene Hassan Nahon found Monday’s parliamentary exchange, in which this matter was discussed, far from satisfactory, leaving more questions than answers. Crucially, It remains unexplained why Mr McGrail would be “invited” to retire if his actions would have landed him with a suspension had he chosen to remain in his post.

As unfortunate as it is that this incident has spilled over to the public and the media in the way it has, Together Gibraltar believes that at this stage there are many questions which are in the public interest and must not remain unanswered. It is for this reason that the party urges Government to undergo a thorough, transparent and independent investigation into the events that led to the ex-commissioner’s resignation.