GSD: Midtown Park Works Demonstrate “Ill Thought Out Planning And Waste Of Public Money”

The GSD says that the tearing up of the lawn at Midtown Park “again demonstrates ill thought out planning and a waste of public money by the Government.”

A statement continued: “It will be recalled that just over 1 year ago, before the General Election and at lightening speed the Government completed the laying of lawn at Midtown Park. In their 2019 Manifesto the Government proudly announced the completion of the park and a return to "Movies in the Park". Whilst everyone understands that we cannot gather in public spaces, the public, at the very least, expected the Midtown Park should have been opened by now. The rushed job at Midtown Park was an election gimmick and some 12 months later it now looks like a construction site once again with serious concerns raised by the public about the Government throwing money down the drain.”

Shadow Minister for the Environment Elliott Phillips said:

"The Government cannot seem to get to grip with the run of the mill domestic issues of the day. The Government continue to throw good money after bad. It has been 1 week since the Line Wall Road debacle and yet another failed project is laid bare for all to see. The Government are showing an absolute disregard for the spending of public money and worse still they don’t seem to be bothered about offering an explanation as to why they laid the lawn in the first place given that further works were required on site. Gibraltar deserves better than the shoddy workmanship of the GSLP Liberal administration of our community."