Gibtelecom Launch New Mobile Offerings

Gibtelecom has launched a series of new mobile offerings for contract (postpaid) and Reload (prepaid) customers. These include new monthly plans; data bundles, and data boosts. 

Adrian Ochello, Head of Marketing & Business Development said: “We are aware that mobile data is becoming increasingly important to our customers. From their feedback, we know that having more data allowances is top of their wish-list. This is exactly what we are now providing by introducing the new “Mini-Extra”; “Midi-Extra” and “Maxi-Extra” 12-month contract plans.” 

“All these plans have higher data allowances than before. For instance, Mini-Extra includes an allowance of 1GB (£10); Midi-Extra 5GB (£30); and Maxi-Extra 15GB (£52). We have also refreshed and streamlined our pay-monthly and Reload (prepaid) data bundles by introducing new 1GB and 4GB bundles, at £10 and £17 respectively, as well as a 10GB bundle at £29. New data boosts for pay-monthly customers have also been introduced.” 

More detailed information on all the new offerings can be found on the Gibtelecom website at

  • Triple data for customers on new “Maxi-extra” plan 
  • More than double the data for customers on new “Midi-extra” plan 
  • New - Calls, texts and extra data for customers on new “Mini-extra” plan 
  • Increased data allowance for same price or cheaper on all new plans 
  • New - 1GB of data for only £10 on Reload