GBC To Extend And Revise Programming

GBC have announced that due to Covid-19 pandemic, it will be revising its television programming. Programming will commence Friday 27th March with weekday programmes starting as from at 4pm and weekends at 2pm. 

A statement from GBC follows below:

GBC is revising its television programming as a result of the current health emergency.

From Friday 27th March, weekday programmes start at 4pm with the Government Covid-19 Press Conference ‘live’ from 6 Convent Place, followed by a selection of archive programmes, such as the popular ‘Inspired by…’ series and ‘GibTalks’.  There will also be daily home fitness features that have been recorded specially for the current period of residential confinement. By arrangement with the Catholic diocese of Gibraltar, Holy Mass will be aired live every day at 6pm, except on Friday 27th, when GBC will air live from the Vatican the ‘Prayer for Humanity’ with his Holyness Pope Francis, who will conclude with the Eucharistic ‘Urbi et Orbi’ blessing.

At weekends, programmes start at 2pm with recordings of local stage productions recorded over the past few years.  These include Santos Productions plays and dance shows.

Both ‘The Hub’ and ‘The Sports Locker’, that rely on produced content and event-led material and guests, are being suspended, and replaced with archive editions of ‘The Hub’ and ‘Sessions’ respectively.

During the health emergency, the duration of ‘Newswatch’ will remain at 45 minutes, starting on weekdays at 8.15pm.  This will follow an earlier extended News Summary at 7.30pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, GBC will keep viewers up to date with the latest through a News Update at 8.30pm.