New Sustainability Books Purchased By John Mackintosh Hall Library

Gibraltar Cultural Services has purchased a new series of books for the John Mackintosh Hall Library, to raise awareness about sustainability, dealing with themes related to environmental and social issues.

A statement from the Government follows below:

The books are aimed at children aged between 4 and 12 years, with the purpose of highlighting and explaining complex issues such as conservation and biodiversity, food and gardening, identity and equality.

Professor Daniella Tilbury, Commissioner of Sustainable Development and Future Generations, selected the books, as an extension to a similar project that provided books for the schools. 

The books serve to educate as well as entertain our young readers on sustainability and make them aware of their personal and community responsibility towards the environment, teaching them ideas as to how they can make small changes to care for our planet. 

The library is still open only for the loaning and returning of books, Monday to Friday between 10am-2pm. We hope to see everyone making full use of these new publications.