Gibtelecom Statement On u-mee GRA Complaint

Gibtelecom has reacted to a complaint made by the local telecoms provider u-mee to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority regarding statements made to the press two weeks ago.

A statement from Gibtelecom continued:

“Only two weeks ago, Gibtelecom launched its new 1 Gigabit symmetric fibre broadband, positioning Gibtelecom as the fastest broadband provider on the Rock. Gibtelecom also unveiled its GigaGib plan, a commitment to roll out hyperfast connectivity, at an unrivalled pace, to everyone in Gibraltar by 2022.

“Gibtelecom’s launch has now initiated a complaint by u-mee to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority in relation to statements made to the press by Gibtelecom.

“Although u-mee was never mentioned by name, nor were there any direct comparisons made in any of Gibtelecom’s statements, the bone of ‘contention’ [sic] appears to be over the different technology used by both networks to deliver their respective broadband services. u-mee have today declared that they use GPON technology which is a point-to-multipoint architecture, whilst Gibtelecom has instead invested in Point-2-Point direct fibre.

“Gibtelecom’s launch is designed simply to deliver more robust, superior and future-ready solutions to customers.”

Gibtelecom CEO, Noel Burrows added “Gibtelecom notes that the GRA has received a complaint from u-mee. Gibtelecom itself is in correspondence with the GRA in respect of illegal pirated TV content breaches and illegality of the content provided by u-mee and others through their bundled services. Gibtelecom and international content providers are considering civil actions and the potential for criminal complaints against u-mee and others in respect of these breaches”.