GibFibre: No Notice Of Any Complaint From Gibtelecom

GibFibre has said that, apart from being told by third parties it has “no notice” of any complaint about it to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority by Gibtelecom concerning the Misleading and Comparative Advertising Act 2001 “or anything else.”

A statement from the provider continued: “GibFibre is struggling to understand what that complaint might be. GibFibre has after a lengthy commercial process put together a bundled package of programming which in its entirety is authorised to be provided by the relevant rights owners.

“GibFibre is pleased to see that Gibtelecom takes very seriously its corporate responsibility and reputation. GibFibre wishes Gibtelecom would show some measure of such responsibility with regard to Competition Law, compliance with directions of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority concerning Wholesale Leased Lines and compliance with General Conditions on the transparency of pricing and conditions concerned with the way Electronic Communications Networks and Services are provided.

“Until we see the detail of any complaint it is difficult to comment further.”