RGP Hold Internal Debrief Following Friday Evening's Events

The Royal Gibraltar Police say they have held an internal debrief following Friday evening’s events at Chatham Counterguard.  Amongst other things, the debrief considered the restaurants’ compliance with Covid regulations, the patrons’ compliance with Covid regulations and the actions of the officers on the ground. 

A statement from the RGP follows below:

The debrief also considered the effects, on both RGP officers and members of the public, of events being filmed by cameramen from ‘Cops on the Rock,’ a series being co-produced by the GBC subsidiary company, Wheelhouse Media and Rare TV.  Cameramen from this series have been shadowing RGP officers for the last month.   Clearly, Friday’s events were also being filmed and photographed on RGP officers’ ‘BodyCams’ and on many personal phones.

Commissioner of Police, Richard Ullger, said, "Our job has been made more difficult because of the additional legal regulations brought about by the pandemic.  We are finding that, no matter how much we try and engage with people, many of them are not willing to listen, especially when they are fuelled with alcohol.  

“Wherever possible, we will explain the Government’s Covid regulations and encourage people to comply with them. Enforcement of the regulations is a last resort but one the RGP will resort to when necessary.  We want people to enjoy themselves and to have fun, but they must behave responsibly, familiarise themselves with the regulations and police themselves.”