GPF And DAWN Meet With Commissioner Of Police

The Gibraltar Police Federation Chairman, Maurice Morello, and Secretary, Leif Simpson, together with Dignity at Work Now representatives, Francis Buttigieg and Victor Gonzalez, met up today with the Commissioner of Police, Richard Ullger to agree the content of future presentations to be delivered by DAWN to all officers in relation to Bullying at Work. 

This comes on the back of the results of the last two GPF surveys [2018/9] where officers have complained of bullying within the organisation.

A Gibraltar Police Federation spokesperson said: “In recent months we have worked closely with management and have seen the implementation of a Bullying at Work Policy, and a revamped Grievance Procedure. The GPF are happy that the organisation has now taken bullying seriously. In order to deal with the problem, firstly the organisation needed to acknowledge the problem. Secondly, we needed procedures and policies to be put in place and this has now materialised. And finally, we need to train all officers up or give them an awareness of what constitutes bullying.”