Public Information Notice - Maritime Exercise

On 6th and 7th April, British Forces Gibraltar personnel and representatives from HMGoG agencies in Gibraltar will be involved in maritime exercises in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW).  

A statement from British Forces Gibraltar follows below:

The exercises aim to test and improve the MOD’s ability to respond to incidents in and  around the Naval Base in BGTW. Exercise objectives include the practical implementation  of contingency plans and inter-operability between military and emergency services. 

Almost all of the activity will take place in BGTW, including in the Naval Base harbour. As  part of the exercise play, there will be increased numbers of personnel, maritime assets and  emergency services present in the Naval Base. There may also be an increased presence of  emergency vehicles on some of Gibraltar’s roads, operating beacons and sirens. 

We expect there to be minimal inconvenience to the public, who are also asked not to be  alarmed by these movements.