Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games To Start This Weekend

The Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games commences this weekend with the Opening Ceremony taking place on Saturday 6th July. 

This week will see hundreds of athletes and support staff arriving in Gibraltar from around the globe to participate in the Games. 

Team Gibraltar recently met up and collected their kits. 

Kim Chang, Games Director, said: "After nearly 2 years of planning and organising, the day has nearly arrived. We invite the public to attend the sporting events, which are free of charge. Be a part of the event and cheer on your team."

Linda Alvarez, Chair, Organising Committee said: "This will be a very special week for Gibraltar. I am very proud of the work that has been done to get Gibraltar ready for this once in a generation event. Let’s get behind the athletes and support the Games."