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Oct 04 - GSLP Youth Condemn Gibraltar Invasion Video

gslpThe GSLP Youth Section has voiced their concern over the recent video depicting Spanish school children acting out a mock invasion of Gibraltar. The group condemns the video and insists that communities ‘should advocate the encouragement and promotion of peace, equality and tolerance. While most communities around the world work towards common principles and values regarding the latter, regrettably we sometimes come about a circumstance like this one, which invokes hatred, discrimination and callousness’.

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Oct 04 - Treaty of Utrecht Anniversary Symposium

garrison libraryA symposium, organised by Garrison Library Director, Dr. Jennifer Ballantine Perera and the Deputy Chief Minister, will mark the singing of the Treaty of Utrecht 300 year ago. The event will take place next Thursday and Friday at the Garrison Library and will include historians, academics and others from Gibraltar, the UK, Spain, the US and Utrecht itself.

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