General Election 2019 - Week 1 Draws To A Close

By Fabian Picardo, Leader, Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party

We are coming to the end of the first week of the pre-campaign for the General Election on October 17th. The GSLP Liberal family is preparing to select its candidates. We are putting the final touches to our new and exciting manifesto for the next four years. This is also a time to reflect on the last 8 years.

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Going Early

By Kamlesh Khubchand

The decision to “go early” to the polls is telling of this Government’s state of mind.  It can be seen as a shrewd move, but many will see it as the use of a “Trump” card in the electoral game. The reference to “novices” in the CM’s declaration on Monday gives it away. The current administration wants fear of change to be one of the campaign issues. Perhaps the only one.  What they forget is that Gibraltarians also care about many other issues in our government. Health care, Housing, Public Finance and Accountability to name a few. People haven’t been focusing exclusively on London and Brussels in these past four years and will see through this strategy of hiding bad governance behind fear and last-minute spending sprees. Together Gibraltar will rise to the challenge with a positive campaign full of ideas and policy, with a progressive vision for a clean, fair and sustainable Gibraltar.

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