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Jun 04 - Ocean Village - Minister Linares

OV Flotilla - Minister LinaresHis Excellency Sir Adrian Johns, Governor of Gibraltar, Her Majesty’s representative on the Rock, has just addressed the masses at Ocean Village wishing them a safe and enjoyable journey. Mentioning yesterday’s very wet and overcast Thames Flotilla, the Governor was pleased to announce that all we had to worry about in the Gibraltar Flotilla would be sunshine.

He was followed by the Minister for Culture, Stephen Linares, who expressed his gratitude at the organisation of the day and congratulated Ros Astengo for planning such a fantastic event in only a month when the Thames Flotilla took two years to prepare for. Mr Linares thanked everyone present as he prepared to join the lead vessel and launch the Gibraltar Jubilee Flotilla.

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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - Info Update

OV Flotilla - Governor addresses captains briefingParallels have been drawn between the Gibraltar Jubilee Flotilla and yesterday’s Jubilee Flotilla on the Thames. Now, although the London maritime pageant involved 1000 vessels and the Gibraltar Flotilla involves 100, it is important to note that there are major differences that make the Gibraltar Flotilla just as unique and special.

The Gibraltar Flotilla is just as safe and organised as the London Flotilla despite there being no Thames Barrier for protection. Our vessels will be breaking out into open waters in formation behind the Port Authority’s vessel General Eliott. This ship will be leading the pageant of vessels as they manoeuvre through the Bay of Gibraltar and around the Rock. The Port Authority’s ship Samorang, protecting and assisting from the rear, will follow the vessels as they navigate around Gibraltar.

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