Sex Offenders - The Safety Of Our Community Must Always Come First

By Orlando Yeats

In 2011 the GSD government introduced legislation which made provision for a sexual offenders’ register. We gave that law retrospective effect. In other words, any sexual offenders convicted of a serious sexual offence before the introduction of the law would still be required to go on the register.

When the GSLP Liberal government were elected they changed the law to make sure it did not have retrospective effect. In other words, those convicted of a serious sexual offence before 2011 would not be going on the list. We think it’s wrong. The law is there to protect our people, in particular vulnerable people.

We think there should be more protection of the victim and society than of the offender, and if you agree we will change the law.

In the United States the sex offender registry is available to the public. In the UK teachers, landlords and club owners are notified of an offender’s registry.  We feel there are circumstances when it should be possible to know where a sex offender resides.

The GSD will consult you on changing our law in a way that is appropriate to the circumstances of Gibraltar.

The safety of our community must always come first.

Orlando Yeats is a candidate for the GSD