Get Out The Vote! Keep The GSLP Liberals In Government

By Fabian Picardo, Leader, GSLP Liberals

Gibraltar goes to the polls tomorrow. Tomorrow, Gibraltar celebrates its democracy in action.

The voter plays the most important role in our democracy, and never more so than at election time.  The voters have all the power. The power to decide what future they want for this community. The power to choose who they think is the best team for the job of Government for this community.

At this precise moment in time, as we observe developments in London and in Brussels as negotiations continue in respect of a deal we hope will be struck, Gibraltar needs an experienced team at the helm and the GSLP Liberals are the only ones who can deliver such a team. Gibraltar needs a GSLP Liberal Government.

I recognise that we have been saying it from the start of the campaign, but over the last few weeks it has only become clearer and clearer to me that, genuinely, the steady management of our affairs in the context of the Brexit conundrum is the key issue at this election. I often say that you do not know what the key issue of an election will be until 48 hours before the poll. That rule has held true in 2019 too.

Today, more than at any other point in the last four weeks, I fully believe that now is NOT the time for the reins of this wonderful place we call home to pass to someone else who isn’t as intimately connected to this as we are. It has become painfully obvious that the two other parties contending this election are simply not up to the task of defending the interests of the People of Gibraltar.

I believe that the right choice for you and for your children are the GSLP/Liberals, but it is not enough to just agree with me and be done with it.

If you want a GSLP Liberal Government you simply HAVE to go out and VOTE FOR IT. Whatever the polls may have suggested, the only poll that counts is the General Election. If we give in to complacency, we might wake up to a nasty surprise on Friday morning.  For that reason, it is time for you to get out there and to tell your family and friends about the importance of exercising their right to vote. 

Honour all those who have gone before us. Consider, conclude and then cast your vote at the ballot box on Thursday.

This one effort today will help ensure Gibraltar continues to have the best team to lead us into our future and to pay our good fortune forward to future generations.  Vote for a green Gibraltar.  Vote for the Child Friendly City. Vote for all TEN GSLP Liberal candidates at the election.