Editor's Blog Dec 15th 2011

It's A Thursday...

It's Thursday and some times the week feels like it is dragging by... Not this week though.

Between Christmas parties, preparations and a new government, our days are kept full by the continual barrage of news stories, events to cover and new programmes we are currently making. No one ever said this was going to be a dull job.

I wanted to mention GBC Open Day, which took place yesterday. It was a great event and most importantly it has raised an amazing £75,000 so far. It's all about the charities at the end of the day, which we think is great.

We followed the Open Day teams around yesterday and watched the tv show last night and we were impressed. It was great to see new content made for the GBC event and Natwest didn't disappoint us did they... Where do they find the energy and the time???

So it made us think that we want to do something for charity as well. We are going to start trying to plan our summer charity day and we will be contacting charities and fund raising committees all over Gibraltar to get some ideas as to what you would want... If you have any ideas remember you can email us or contact us directly through our website.

Yesterday we launched our Miss Gibraltar 2012 section of the website, and so far it seems to have been a great success. We will be keeping up to date with all the information as and when we get it. Tomorrow we will have another 4 contestants signing up, which will take us to 8 contestants so far. We are hoping to bring you a short interview with each of the girls very soon.

Well for now we leave you and we continue to do what we do best.