Editor's Blog Feb 15th 2012

The Ecstasy of Gold.

Cast your minds back to 2007 when the Odyssey crew pulled Silver and Gold from a shipwreck codenamed “The Black Swan”, brought the booty to Gibraltar, and flew out under cover millions of pounds worth of treasure.

“This surely is the makings of a blockbuster, if they had gotten away with it. Unfortunately, Spain claimed the treasure as their own, as it had been recovered from a Spanish Galleon Nuestra Senora de Las Mercedes.

Spain’s reaction was one of filing in a Florida court to get the treasure back, and I read this morning that their legal wrangling’s have succeeded in the court, ordering Odyssey to hand back the gold.

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Editor's Blog Feb 14th 2012


Although Valentines Day is about significant others, the origins are somewhat darker. St Valentine died after being tortured and beheaded in 269AD. Legend has it that he left a farewell note for the jailer’s daughter, with whom he had become quite cosy. He had signed it from your Valentine.

St Valentine’s only crime was to go against the wishes of the Emperor Claudius by marring couples when Claudius had decreed that there where to be no more marriages to encourage single men to join the legions.

In modern times men and women lose their heads in a more metaphorical way, as love can make you say and do some really stupid things, its one of those emotions that goes against all logic.

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Editor's Blog Feb 13th 2012

Running Scared

Consider a man or a woman, working a normal job with average wage, paying their bills, mortgage, credit card and car or bike loan. Pretty average scenario for a pretty average person.

Consider, that man or woman walking into a bank and asking for a further loan, lets say for home improvements.

The Loans manager would look at the financial history, make some calculations and state that the finance package is not approved, due to the fact that there is the risk that the person asking for the funding would be put under financial duress and may not be able to pay back the bank.

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Editor's Blog Feb 10th 2012

GSLP Duplicity?

For the last few days I have noticed an increase in foot RGP patrols in the area of Laguna Estate, especial around the less visited areas, behind the blocks and patios, where Spanish tobacco smugglers regularly strip down to their underwear to conceal boxes of cigarettes about their person.

This is a very welcomed development, but it still does not stop the hordes of Spaniards, and now Eastern Europeans who carry out multiple runs back and forth across the border daily.

Out of the seven shops that initially operated as bakeries, groceries, or fast food take always at one time or another, four of them have succumbed to the lucrative tobacco trade, as well as providing a side service as a convenience store.

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