Editor's Blog Dec 02nd 2011

Manifest Destiny

 So, the party manifestos are out, all the promises and pleas laid-bare for your perusal and judgement. On hearing this news the general reaction has been an incredulous look followed by “What! Really?” The public’s surprise doesn’t appear all that surprising; to say the three parties have been taking their sweet time would be an understatement akin to saying Russia gets a little nippy in the winter.

 The public are given a week to make their decision, a week to untangle the warped mess of political manoeuvre and party minutiae, the promises, half-truths and outright exaggerations. Some of us remember when a party manifesto was a few pages long, now you’re going to need three weeks of free time and a notebook to get through it.

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Editor's Blog Nov 28th 2011

Traffic and tribulations

 There’s nothing like Mondays to test one’s patience, be it the early morning chill, the return to the week’s routines or even just the quality of the coffee as you stare bleary eyed into the abyss of an intransigent Microsoft excel document that. Just… Wont... Calculate!

 With that said there’s nothing that induces a more exquisite rage, then the traffic in Gibraltar. I understand that “traffic” is something of a generalisation, but I find it’s the only way to put it, as the issues are so pervasive in every area of that department; if it were a person, this is where the family would be tearfully pulling the plug on its convulsing, disease-ridden body.

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Editor's Blog Nov 25th 2011

Don’t get mad, get involved

 When tourists flood into Gibraltar, they are greeted by the sight of the brand spanking new airport, shimmering under the backdrop of the Rock, or the new houses popping up from the walk through Watergardens. They see casemates and Main Street, with master services dutifully tidying every crumb, cigarette butt and discarded chewing gum, the façade is impeccable, the reality of the situation though, wouldn’t make it into the glossy photos.

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Editor's Blog Nov 23rd 2011

A Blog a day keeps the Blaggers at Bay – UK

I headed off to the UK for the weekend, Portsmouth to be precise. I was invited, as usual, to attend the Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament. The tournament is part homage to my friends and those that still partake in competition, and part reminiscence for the days I partook in such competitions, with very limited success I might add.

I took video footage and it will be on the yourgibraltartv.com website this week for you to check out, along with a voice-over by yours truly.

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Editor's Blog Nov 16th 2011


 Or rather, no smoking; UK news this morning reported that they are about to ban smoking in vehicles: i.e. your car. Now at first this may be a shocker to you, the independent, private, smog inducing free citizen. It is most definitely your car and your body, but I’m guessing your car isn’t a single-seater; maybe you are a parent or a grandparent. What about the health of your passengers I ask.

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