Learning From Auschwitz Charity Returns Funds To Government

The Learning from Auschwitz charity has decided to return to the Gibraltar Government the funds it received for this year’s educational trip. 

A spokesperson said: “Under the present circumstances and the amount of extra funding our Government is having to utilise in these difficult times, we from the ‘Learning from Auschwitz’ charity, have decided to return to the Government the full funding/sponsorship received for this year’s educational trip. As always, we are extremely grateful for our Government’s continued support, but this year we feel these funds could be better utilised, perhaps by the GHA. 

“We urge everyone who can, to do the same and support our Government through these very difficult and worrying times. Together we can get through this. It is now when we all need to think of each other and not ourselves.

“We can ALL also take lessons from Auschwitz, and remember how humanity also showed bravery, resilience, patience, courage, love, unity and fortitude. 

“Let us all pray that we will get through this much easier than envisaged, and faster than imagined. Thanks and blessings to everyone out there helping in every way they can.”