Brandon’s Million Step Challenge For Charity

Brandon Avellano has started a million step challenge to raise funds for Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar - the challenge will see him take 250,000 steps per week or 35,174 per day.

Last week, Brandon had already raised £500 and walked a total of 120,000 steps. By Friday he’d hit over 205,000 steps.

Brandon said: “The entire aim of this challenge is not only to raise funds for those who have been affected by breast cancer but also to raise awareness of breast cancer as a whole.

“The reason why I decided to take on this challenge is not only in order to push my physical capabilities but also because many of these cancer patients go through excruciating pain, which I cannot begin to comprehend and often have to carry on their daily lives because they are mothers for example and have no other option but to do so. So I thought to myself I would require a challenge which will exhaust me physically.”

Brandon decided to focus his efforts on breast cancer after the mother of a close friend was recently diagnosed with the disease.

He also explained how he came up with the idea of walking a million steps: “I calculated my average steps per day and increased it in order to make it more of a challenge. However, due to the large amount selected I also wanted to be realistic of how long it could take me to complete this challenge. I also choose 1,000,000 steps as my challenge in order to show how far I have come over the last few years due to being morbidly obese my entire life, therefore to say that I have reached 1,000,000 as well as losing 75kgs in the space of a year and a half.”

By doing this, Brandon says he hopes to inspire others that if you have a goal in life, you can achieve it. He says this remains true regardless of whether it’s a physical challenge or a personal development goal.

In order to donate, people can make a transfer by Revolut to the following number: 0035054020751 or a bank transfer to the following account: 

Bank: NatWest

Account number: 48214507

Sot code: 60-60-60

Account name: Brandon J Avellano