Locals To Complete 5 Half Ironman Challenges In 5 Days

Three local men, Charles Harrison, Adrian Lopez and Kerion Alvarez are to undertake a challenge which start on the 18th May where they will be aiming to complete 5 half ironmans in 5 days. In doing so they are raising funds for Cardiac Rehab Centre and the Cancer Relief Centre.

A statement follows below:

Each day they will need to cycle 90kms, run 21.1kms and end on a 1.9km Swim.

"We will be out at 6am to try and avoid the heavy traffic which tends to build up for about 9am" said Mr Lopez.

"The heat could come into play too, so an early start should mean we will be on to the half marathon by 10am which should still be quite cool" added Mr Alvarez.

Apart from fundraising they are also trying to raise awareness and a healthy lifestyle.

"We want anyone to join us, be for the bike leg, run or the swim. We have mapped a town route which will hopefully attract people to join, we won't be racing this event so we hope this will encourage people to join is as we will be doing it as a group" Mr Harrison explained.

The timings for each section will be 0600 is the start for the 90kms from the back of Harbour Views. The half marathon will start from the parking next to the GSLA pool from 1000 and the 1.9km swim is from the GSLA pavilion from 1300.

When we asked why they had chosen these two local charities Adrian Lopez first examined "My brother unfortunately had cancer when he was 20 years old and my Dad has also some heart condition so when Charles and Kerion mentioned these two charities I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in"

Kerion added "For me after having suffered a heart attack around 6 years ago and having used the Rehab Centre I wanted to give something back and what better way in doing so than by raising as much money as we can"

Charles rounded off by saying "For me the Cancer Releif Centre have been there for the last 6 years, especially for my Dad who had a long battle with Cancer. The small things the Centre does is what many people may not see but those are the ones that I for one will always remember and will be forever grateful to them"

With just about 2 weeks to go and most of the sessions done it's now time for the three to start tapering down before they go head on.

They have a Facebook and Twitter account which is "5 in 5" follow their last few weeks if you haven't done so already

http://gf.me/u/vwpfyv link to their fundraising page.